Tree Trimming and Pruning in Bucks County, PA

Planting decorative trees, shrubs and bushes are extremely popular among homeowners and commercial building owners to increase property value and add natural beauty to the landscape. However, you cannot just plant and forget shrubbery. Maintenance, including pruning and trimming, is extremely important to maintain their structure, form and health. Most importantly, trimming branches safeguards against damage to surrounding cars, buildings and structures. The right techniques must be utilized to ensure you don’t cut too much or ruin the appearance. Jim’s Tree Service offers professional tree pruning and trimming services for residential and commercial properties in Bucks County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia, PA. Call 215-943-8271 to schedule a tree trimming service today.

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Residential and Commercial Tree Pruning Services

There are different techniques and strategies used for efficient tree trimming. We will evaluate your trees and carefully select a combination of techniques for your specific trees’ pruning needs. A tree cools and feeds itself the necessary nutrients through its roots and leaves. The leaves in the tree’s canopy are essential for the health of the tree and therefore the canopy should not be heavily reduced, or “topped.” Jim’s Tree Service uses the phrase “elevate, thin out, and remove major deadwood” to describe proper pruning techniques. This technique raises the tree’s canopy and encourages wind to safely pass through its branches without causing damage during storms.

Importance of Professional Shrub and Tree Trimming

When not properly maintained, overgrown trees and shrubbery pose a serious danger to your home, commercial building, cars, power lines and people. Trimming and removing dead, excess and broken limbs will reduce the risk of them falling due to wind, rain, snow and ice. Further, proper pruning methods not only help the tree grow to your desired aesthetic, but in such a way that is more ideal for the structural integrity. Whether you have a few trees on your property or a few dozen, Jim’s Tree Service offers affordable tree pruning for residential and commercial properties.

Tree Trimming vs. Tree Pruning

Tree trimming and pruning are both excellent services within the landscape industry for homeowners who take pride in their yard. The differences are subtle, are performed at different times of the year using vastly different pieces of equipment but are both used to provide a better aesthetic and healthier landscape.

Tree Trimming: This landscape service helps trees, shrubs and hedge growth in a healthier manner. Clients often trim trees to make their commercial or residential property more attractive. Our professionals generally focus on removing green shoots, which encourages healthier overall growth. Besides growth, trimming improves the appearance of the tree or shrub.

Tree Pruning: Pruning is often associated with the removal of unnecessary branches; it helps keep unwanted growth in check. While some of these branches may be dead, they are usually removed because they are growing in the wrong direction, pushing towards electrical wiring or the roofing system. Pruning should be performed in the winter when plants are dormant. Winter pruning is less stressful for the plant and allows our professionals to see the branch structure.

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Familiarity with plant and tree flowering and branching patterns will ensure proper pruning methods and healthy long-term growth. Different species of plants and trees require different techniques. All pruning should be minimal, removing only what is required. The process can be stressful and overwhelming, especially for those who are not experienced or professionally trained. Contact us for pruning services in Bucks County PA, Montgomery County PA and Philadelphia.

Jim’s Tree Service has been proudly serving the communities and townships within Bucks County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia, PA for over 25 years. We offer a full range of tree services including trimming, pruning, removal, stump grinding and more! Call our Levittown, PA office at 215-943-8271 to schedule an on-site consultation to discuss your tree trimming needs.