Expert Tree Removal Company in Bucks County, PA

Jim’s Tree Service provides expert tree removal services for residential and commercial properties and townships in Bucks County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia, PA. Removing a tree is dangerous and should only be handled by professionals. A clear and precise plan must be put into place and properly executed to ensure the safety of surrounding homes, buildings and other structures. Backed by 25+ years of experience, Jim’s Tree Service employees have the proper training and equipment to complete the job quickly and safely. Call 215-943-8271 to discuss your tree removal needs and schedule an on-site consultation.

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Residential and Commercial Tree Removal Services

Remove Tree with Low Stump: The tree is completely cut down and removed from your property, including all fallen limbs, wood chips and debris. We’ll cut the stump as low as possible to the ground.

Remove Tree + Stump Grinding: If you don’t want the eyesore of a stump or have to worry about pests, organisms and fungi on the rotting stump, this is the best tree removal option. We’ll remove the tree then grind the stump and surrounding roots 6 – 12 inches below the soil.

Remove Tree + Leave Wood: We will cut down the tree, chip all branches and limbs and clean up all debris. Wood can be removed from the property based on conditions and customers' desire. Wood left on location will be cut in 5 - 6 food sections. You’ll also have the option for the stump to be cut low or grinding the stump.

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Tree Cutting and Removing Services

There are many reasons a tree may have to be removed from your property. Dead and severely decayed trees pose a serious threat to your home, commercial building and cars, especially during a storm with high winds, rain and snow. Diseased trees could become infested with termites and other wood destroying pests that could move closer and closer to your home. Finally, the tree could just simply be in the way and removed for aesthetic purposes. No matter the reason or how big of a job, Jim’s Tree Service is equipped to handle all tree removal jobs!

Prices for tree removals vary depending on the height/size of the tree, number of trees and their placement. One of our experienced employees will come to your location for a no obligation consultation and provide an accurate quote. Call 215-943-8271 to schedule an appointment for tree removal, pruning and/or stump grinding today!

Tree Removal FAQ: Common Questions from Our Customers

A few factors are considered to determine if a permit is necessary: tree size/location, hazardous tree, street tree, invasive species, etc. We will be able to determine if a permit is required and help you obtain one for your municipality.

There are several circumstances when tree removal is necessary including if the tree is:

  • Dead or dying
  • Considered hazardous
  • Causing an obstruction
  • Crowding or harming surrounding trees
  • Has root problems
  • Lot clearing to make room for new construction

Jim’s Tree Service works year-round. In the summer (growing season), we can easily evaluate the health of the tree. From November through March (dormant season), we have better visibility as there are no leaves.

No. All tree removal is done with machinery.

Yes. We provide estimates for commercial, residential and municipality clients in Philadelphia, Bucks County PA and Montgomery County PA.

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